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A sparkling clean apartment or condominium complex is a fully occupied property. A surefire way to reach and maintain a high occupancy rate of happy tenants is to keep and maintain clean apartment premises. That's why Klein Pressure Washing partners with apartment building owners in Houston and south Texas to achieve this outcome with one-time and recurring services. Our crews are dedicated, trained, insured and OSHA Safety Certified.
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Tenants Don't Want to Live in a Dirty, Unkept Apartment Complex - Is Yours One of Them?

Making your apartment building look good is a key part of making it feel good for residents. An appealing building creates an atmosphere that’s welcoming and pleasant for people who live there, which makes them more likely to stay. Keeping your building clean requires upkeep, but pressure washing can be an especially cost-effective way to transform any dirty property into one where tenants can be proud to call it home.

Property managers in Houston and Harris County have a host of responsibilities to handle, ranging from seeking out and interviewing residents to guaranteeing adequate maintenance of the property. Cleaning the apartment complex is one of them. Because of time, an apartment complex can begin to look worn and dirty. Apartment complex pressure cleaning is a critical part of keeping your premises clean. The presence of a filthy apartment complex can negatively impact occupancy. Nobody wants to reside in a filthy community. Apartment complex power washing is critical in maintaining a clean property.

Highlights of our apartment pressure washing services include:

  • Breezeways
  • Office Area
  • Pool Area
  • Common Areas
  • Playgrounds
  • Sidewalks
  • Stairwells
  • Parking Areas
  • Garages
  • Dumpster Pads
  • Monthly
  • Biannually
  • Yearly


This may be a good time to define terms. "Power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing" may be used interchangeably. However, there are some differences:

power washing = pressure washing
power washing = soft washing
pressure washing ≠ soft washing

Or to put it another way:

power washing = high pressure, moderate pressure & low pressure
pressure washing = high pressure & moderate pressure
soft washing = low pressure

Got it? Good.

7 Reasons to Power Wash

1. Attract New Tenants

Potential tenants are scared away by unclean living spaces. Even if you post photos of an immaculate apartment complex, you must make sure it meets expectations in person as well. You want to be able to show applicants how nice and tidy their future home will be. Even if you offer low rent, most tenants will not be keen on living in a filthy apartment complex.

2. Retain Existing Tenants

Keeping quality tenants is one of the most difficult aspects of being an apartment property manager. You naturally want to extend the lease of quality tenants who pay on time, maintain their apartments, create no unnecessary damage, and who stay with you for a long time. However, filthy surroundings not only set a bad example, but can just as easily drive tenants away as high prices would. If tenants feel as though they are living in an unmaintained community, they may leave at any moment and look for a new apartment.

3. Maintain a Clean Living Environment

Apartment complexes require regular cleaning to ensure the safety and wellbeing of those who live there. Allergens such as dust, pollen and mold eventually accumulate on apartment building surfaces and common areas. Left-behind food and beverages, as well as the stains they produce can also leave a foul smell.

These unsightly problems repel tenants and encourage rodents and insects - neither of which is good for the property or its reputation. All of these things can jeopardize the health and safety of tenants and their guests. These are common complaints often found on social media reviews.

4. Increase the Lifespan of the Buildings

No matter how durable a structure may be, it will degenerate with time as a result of wear and tear. But pollutants and organic biofilms will cause your apartment complex surfaces to deteriorate at a faster pace if you don't take action. Allowing these to accumulate will only quicken the process. Pressure washing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to guarantee that your building endures for a long time.

5. Minimize Repair Costs

It's not hard to spend hundreds of dollars on maintenance and replacements when you're responsible for a large asset like an apartment complex. Because you must provide a livable apartment for your tenants, you can't forego repairs and maintenance. Your job as a apartment manager involves coordinating the upkeep required to keep the property in top condition.

Black algae, dirt, grime and mold can negatively impact your building, whether you realize it or not. Wooden pieces may rot quicker and debris may damage roof shingles. Apartment complex pressure washing can effectively remove all of these things to prevent costly repairs down the road.

6. Enhance Property Value

It's true that every structure is an investment, and as a property owner, you would like to safeguard your investment and make a profit from it. If your structure decays due to neglect, it will have a detrimental effect on its value. Pressure washing can facilitate your property looking pristine if done on a scheduled basis. This will have a significant effect on curb appeal and improve the value of your apartment property.

7. Minimize Liability

It's your duty as an apartment property manager or owner to ensure that your tenants have a livable dwelling. That means keeping the structure clean and free of mold, for example. You should include apartment complex pressure washing as part of your maintenance routine if you don't want to risk legal liability.

Why Hire Professionals?

It is possible to rent a pressure washing machine and take a DIY approach, but apartment complex pressure washing is the kind of large project that requires a professional approach. Why in this?
  • Industry Experience. Professional pressure washers already know the specific steps required for effectively cleaning large buildings. They know the chemicals, the pre and post-treatment procedures, the pressure requirements and the building materials. They know when to "pressure wash" and when to "soft wash". They know how to do a complete property assessment to identify existing damage and problem areas so that property managers can take action where repairs are needed.
  • Commercial Equipment. Large, low-rise apartment buildings require commercial-grade equipment and chemicals to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Commercial pressure washing machines are also capable of delivering high volumes of water at a much further vertical distance as needed for reaching the top of four-story apartment buildings. This allows the work to be done much faster and much safer than would be possible otherwise. Large surface cleaners also require high-volume machines and cannot be operated at low-volume as is typically available from store-bought machines.
  • Cost-effectiveness. It can quickly become more time-consuming and expensive to do it yourself than to hire a professional to power wash your apartment complex. If you make mistakes or inflict damage, you risk wasting time and money on repairs.

Cost Effectiveness

Though apartment complex pressure washing isn't free, the cost of the service is inconsequential compared to the amount you'll save on repairs and deterioration and the amount you'll earn from new and loyal tenants. Every landlord should consider pressure washing their building because of the many advantages it offers. And, always enlist the help of professionals.

Most Common Surfaces Cleaned at Apartment and Multi-Family Properties in Southeast Texas

All exterior surfaces found at apartment communities in south Texas will eventually need attention. Dirt, traffic pollutants, and various environmental particles are everywhere. Warm temperatures and high humidity only exacerbates the problem by adding to this a whole host of other organic materials such as bacteria, mildew and algae. If left untreated, each will take a toll on your property.

Apartment Breezeways

Remove Dirt & Grime, Eliminate Slip Hazards, Clean and Disinfect all Surfaces

Breezeways are the perfect breeding ground for algae, mildew, insect nests, dirt, trash, and grime. We treat these areas by first applying a disinfectant-based detergent to all surfaces. We allow this to dwell for at least 15 minutes before applying high pressure surface cleaners and spray wands. This is followed by a thorough rinse -- and depending on the breezeway environment, a post-treatment of disinfectant to prevent the rapid regrowth.

Apartment Stairwells

Clean and Disinfect all Handrails and Stairwells to Remove Grime, Slip Hazards, and Germs.

Pressure Wash Apartment Stairways
Stairway Cleaning is an integral part of apartment building cleaning. We thoroughly pressure wash all handrail and step surfaces to remove dirt, germs, and allergens from all handrails and the stain-prone stairwell steps. When you keep your stairways clean, you're showing your tenants that management cares and that it's a clean place to live. Like the breezeways, we disinfect, power wash, and rinse.

Apartment Walkways

Remove Dirt, Algae & Slip Hazards - Clean and Post-Treat to Prevent Algae Regrowth

Pressure Wash Apartment Walkways
Clean sidewalks and walkways are one of the most visibly noticeable features of your apartment complex. Keeping these clean and bright enhances the overall curb appeal of the property. This has a direct impact for both existing tenants and potential renters. Here, we pre-treat to eradicate stains and black algae, followed by high-pressure surface cleaning. Finally, we rinse and post-treat to brighten the concrete and to prevent rapid regrowth of algae.

Apartment Common Areas & Playgrounds

Clean, Brighten and Restore Surfaces to Bring New Life Back to Your Tenant's Shared Spaces

Pressure Wash Common Areas
Common areas within apartment communities consist of playgrounds, walking paths, dogs parks, parking lots, and swimming pools. If these become dirty and unmaintained, the whole apartment complex will tend to look unkept. A thorough pressure cleaning of these common areas will restore a clean, welcoming, and well-maintained property. Don't let your common areas go! Let Klein Pressure Washing give new life to your old, worn, and neglected features and shared spaces.

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