Roof Cleaning in Spring, Texas

Remove Black Streaks from Your Roof with Low Pressure Cleaning.

Often mistaken for mold, mildew or a failed roof surface, the black streaks and discoloration visible on our Spring, TX roofs are actually algae that can be safely removed.

Roof appearance is not an accurate indicator for needing a roof replacement. But oftentimes people mistakenly pay for new roofs without realizing that the streaks on their roof are a common algae that can be safely removed.

How are the black streaks on my roof removed?

We use a safe, low pressure roof cleaning method commonly known as soft washing to remove the black stains and streaks that develop on Texas roofs. This method utilizes an Eco-friendly cleaning solution as recommended by the asphalt shingle roof manufacturing industry (watch video below) to eliminate algae, lichen and dirt. We do this by applying the solution with low pressure to prevent damage and to preserve the integrity of the shingle roofing. This same soft wash method is also effective on other roof surfaces such as metal and terracotta.

Algae? What causes it to grow on my roof?

Humid climates; like what we experience here in Spring, TX, creates the perfect conditions for this kind of algae growth. The most common type, gloeocapsa magma or blue green algae, protects itself from damaging ultraviolet rays by producing a dark pigmented coating. The dark discoloration typically begins as small spots that eventually turn into black streaks. By the time it’s visible, it’s likely been present for several months or longer.

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    Roof cleans start at $449 for 1,800-2,000 sq ft roof. Discounts may be offered with packaged services.

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