Pressure Washing

Are the stains and ugly black streaks on your driveway ruining your home's curb appeal?

Power washing your driveway is the easiest and most effective way to keep your concrete surfaces looking great all year while dramatically enhancing your home's curb appeal. Our concrete wash process uses a pre-treatment solution followed by a high pressure surface cleaner to remove dirt and grime from your concrete driveway. Our team is ready to help clean and protect your concrete surfaces.

We strive each day to set the highest standard for quality, value and customer satisfaction. We guarantee to deliver the best results possible or your money back. Contact us today. We’ll provide a price quote and get you on our schedule right away.


Driveway EXample

Pricing your driveway job is pretty simple.

*Price updated and warranty added July 11, 2022

Every driveway is different. However, most driveways and sidewalks in the Klein/Spring area are constructed pretty similarly. Concrete is poured into sections or blocks and separated by an expansion joint. Driveway sections are about 8 feet wide and are of various lengths, while sidewalk sections are 3 feet wide. The sample drawing provided here shows a larger, but typical 3-car driveway and includes the entire front sidewalk and short walkway.

Driveway - 10 Sections X $20 = $200
Driveway - 1 Partial Section = $10
Walkways - 4 Sections or Less = Included - $5 ea add'l section
Sidewalk - 15 Sections X $5 = $75
Total Price = $285
Warranty = 1 Year

*Price includes pre-treating concrete with a 3% sodium hypochlorite & surfactant solution to eradicate black algae and to brighten the surface. Minimum price for any driveway in Gleannloch Farms and immediate surrounding neighborhoods is $120. Minimum price beyond this service area is $199. Larger or non-standard driveways are priced by the square footage.

Why Pre-Treat Concrete?

1-Year Warranty
For Your Peace of Mind

Stay Clean for a full year or we'll come back out and clean it again at no additional cost to you!

Our 'Stay Clean' 12-Month Extended Warranty guarantees that if any organic material such as black algae or mildew visually returns to the previously treated concrete surfaces within 12 months from initial treatment, we will come out and retreat effected area(s) at no additional cost. The extent of any retreatment, in whole or in part, will be solely at the discretion of Klein Pressure Washing.
Driveway Before
Driveway After
Driveway Before
Driveway After
Driveway After
Driveway Before
Driveway After
Driveway Before
Stained Driveway
Cleaned Driveway

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