Pressure Washing Sidewalks in Spring, TX

Improve Curb Appeal by Cleaning and Restoring Your Sidewalk Surfaces.

Dirt, algae, grime, mud and weeds covering your sidewalk is an eyesore and can dramatically detract from the overall look of your home.

You’ve just pressure washed your driveway. Now, your sidewalk stands out like a sore thumb! No worries. With this low-cost Sidewalk Add-On Cleaning we’ll take care of it at the same time.

  • Sidewalk Under 100 Ft.
    This is the average cost for the standard sidewalk in front of your house that extends between your neighbor's driveways
  • Sidewalk Over 100 Ft.
    For sidewalks that are on corners and/or extend beyond the typical length of your house, please request a quote.

*Prices are typical but can vary depending on other factors such as size and surface anomalies. We will provide a concise quote prior to beginning work. There are NEVER any hidden fees! **Refer a neighbor and get 10% OFF if we schedule a job with them.

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Klein Pressure Washing BBB Business Review
Klein Pressure Washing BBB Business Review