Exterior House Washing in Spring, TX

Soft Wash, Low-Pressure House Washing to Restore a Clean Exterior.

Does your home’s exterior have green algae or black streaks growing on it? If so, you’re not alone. This is a very common condition in Texas.

Southern climate condition like those here in Texas promotes an ideal environment for algae and fungus to thrive. Oftentimes, our home’s exterior surfaces becomes the perfect breeding ground for this.

We specialize in cleaning organic and non-organic stains and growth from Spring, TX homes. We employ a soft washing method using an eco-friendly cleaning solution that eradicates organic growth and dissolves stains, leaving behind a clean surface.   

Upon inspection, we will determine the overall condition of the surfaces and their corresponding stain issues, we will then apply our cleaning solution targeted at the most severe areas. This is followed by a second application that treats the entire surface area.  This will also treat those areas not yet effected by organic growth to prevent it in the future. This process will remove 99% of all Algae, Moss, Mildew, black streaks and other substances from your home.

  • House Wash
    Price starts at $249 for a standard 1,800-2,000 sq ft home.

*Prices are typical but can vary depending on other factors such as size and surface anomalies. We will provide a concise quote prior to beginning work. There are NEVER any hidden fees! **Refer a neighbor and get 10% OFF if we schedule a job with them.

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Klein Pressure Washing BBB Business Review
Klein Pressure Washing BBB Business Review