Pressure Washing Exteriors in Spring, TX

Cleaning and Restoring Retaining Walls, Fire Pits and Portable Buildings.

When it comes to pressure washing exterior surfaces, concrete is not the only building material ravaged by algae, mold and mildew.

But before you start pressure washing brick and mortar surfaces, be aware of the potential damage that too much pressure can cause. And it’s not just brick walls alone, but virtually any home exterior that is susceptible to water invasion; which is almost all of them.

Not only can high pressure blast away mortar, but it can also force water into your home’s wall cavities where evaporation is seriously limited; potentially damaging insulation and wiring. You may have seen painters doing this to prepare a home for painting, but we can assure you that if they’re using high pressure, they’re doing it wrong.

For brick, mortar and other stone composite materials used for walkways, patios, retaining walls or other hardscape features, less caution may be necessary. 

Regardless of the surface, we use the correct pressure accompanied by the proper cleaning solutions to clean your home’s exterior surfaces properly. Whether it’s ‘soft-wash’ or high-pressure.

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Klein Pressure Washing BBB Business Review
Klein Pressure Washing BBB Business Review