Pressure Washing Cypress, TX

We'll Make Your Cypress Home Look New Again

Then We'll Guarantee it for a Full Year!

Pressure washing with a warranty? That's right. We offer a full 1-year 'Stay Clean' Warranty for every pressure washing or soft wash job we do for your home in Cypress, Texas. This includes driveways, pool decks, house washes, roof washes and more. We're not your fly-by-night $99 guy you're accustomed to only seeing during the summer months. We provide professional, high-end services year round at a fair price, and then we back it up with a year-long promise!
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The Power of Pressure Washing

Cypress homeowners know that by calling Klein Pressure Washing, their house washing and pressure washing needs will be in good hands.

Klein Pressure Washing, a leader in soft wash and pressure washing services in Cypress, TX, stands out with its team of experts utilizing state-of-the-art equipment for maximum cleaning proficiency. We treat each home like it's our own, and each customer like they're family. We know and consistently demonstrate to our customers that regular pressure washing indeed makes a dramatic difference to their Cypress, TX property's appearance.

The Klein Pressure Washing Edge

Expertise, experience, and taking ownership of a job well-done, play a vital role in delivering the best pressure washing service to our customers as possible, and Klein Pressure Washing excels in all these areas. Professionals with years of industry experience and use the latest equipment to guarantee thorough cleaning, we offer:

  • Free Estimates: We provide free, no-obligation estimates that don't require taking time off from work to meet us onsite.
  • Affordable Pricing: We offer affordably-priced pressure washing services, making it accessible and budget-friendly.
  • Simple Financing: For those larger jobs we also provide several payment options through our finance partner at Wisetack (see details below).
  • Satisfaction Guarantee with Warranty: None of the things would mean much without a guarantee. Better yet, it wouldn't mean much without a warranty either. So, we provide both. All work has a Satisfaction Guarantee. If we don't meet your expectations, we'll keep working on it until we do. Then, we'll guarantee it with 1-year limited warranty*.

Q: Pressure Washing My House Would be Nice, But Can I Afford it?

Estimates are Free and Our Prices are Affordable.

Times are tough. Prices for almost everything we buy and use daily have risen to unprecedented levels. But luckily, some things have remained the same. At Klein Pressure Washing we strive to help Cypress homeowners with exterior cleaning services that won't hurt your wallet. In fact, we haven't raised prices since 2018. The reason is because we aim to make every new customer a life-long customer. So, give us a try. Request a FREE quote today and join our Cypress family of satisfied customers. Call (281) 990-3043 or submit the quick form. Agents are available 24/7.

Q: Can I Pressure Wash Now and Pay Later?

Convenient Payment Options with No Hard Credit Check.

The average cost of a full property wash in the Cypress area is typically under $500. Driveways are usually under $200. But sometimes the work goes beyond the average. Much larger homes and homes that include roof washes could exceed this. But the good news is that you don't have to let this prevent you from getting the work done now. We have a solution to solve any cost issues.
House Wash
Klein Pressure Washing is partnered with Wisetack who will provide Cypress homeowners on-the-spot payment options for all jobs over $500 up to $25,000. With Wisetack, there are no origination, prepayment, or late fees, and there is no compounding interest. The application is initiated by Klein Pressure Washing right on the quote we send you and then completed by you. It couldn't be easier. The application takes about a minute to complete, and does NOT impact your credit score. Nice huh?

Q: What Pressure Washing Services Do You Offer?

We Power Wash the Following:

Q: What Cypress Neighborhoods Do You Service?

We Serve the Following Neighborhoods:

Q: Is Working with Klein Pressure Washing Easy?

How to Get Started and What to Expect.

  • Step 1 - Request and Approve a Quote. Call our office or use the online form to submit a request for your free quote. Upon receipt of the quote, you will be able to select the services you'd like to include or request changes to the quote. If everything looks good, simply click on the green APPROVE button at the bottom of the page. Once approved, no changes can be made. If you need to make changes after approving, simply let us know and we'll reset the quote.
  • Step 2 - Job is Scheduled. Once the quote is approved, it is then converted to a job and sent to scheduling. Once scheduled, a confirmation notice is sent to your phone, email or both with the date and approximate time. You do NOT need to be home for us to do the work in most cases.
  • Step 3 - Job is Completed & Photos Taken. On the day of the job, our technicians will show up at your property. You do NOT need to be home for us to do the work in most cases. The jobsite will be assessed and 'before' photos taken to, 1.) show the dramatic post-job improvement after the work has been done, and 2.) to identify any areas of concern; including existing damage, potential for damage by cleaning, and dead or dying plants. We will notify you if we feel cleaning a specific surface could result in damage. You can then make the call to proceed or not to proceed for that item or area.
  • Step 4 - Close Job & Collect Payment. Upon completion, payment is then collected. We accept cash, check, or credit card. If you will not be home, we may ask you to leave payment "under the mat". Otherwise, we will send you an invoice with a link to pay online and is due upon receipt. We will provide a payment receipt for all payment methods.


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